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STOP (We The People, Need To Stop)

In the past, there were certain business that I would not do business with or service because of my standards and beliefs. It wasn’t anything too deep or religious based, but it was based on my principles; businesses that were too pushy and only care about profits, business that nickel and dime customers, businesses that mistreat employees, businesses who try to monopolize their industry, multi-million and multi-billion dollar businesses that pay employees pennies on the dollar, businesses that don’t close on Thanksgiving and Christmas  (with the exception of supermarkets, I live in a metropolitan area there is no other way for me to get food outside of the supermarket).

Of course doing such a thing is easier said than done, because money plays a huge part. In the past I didn’t shop at walmart, because as we know they mistreat their employees, the ones working in the store and the ones that work at the manufacturing plant/ factory which we all know is in china. I only serviced them because I don’t have money and their stuff is very affordable for my wallet, I felt bad but I had no money.

A few years ago as we all know that many retailers decided that they could not wait until black friday to start selling stuff and decided to open business on thanksgiving day at 8 pm. That really upsets me and hurts me, because now the workers have to give up their time off and leave their families for a paycheck. Many workers only get thanksgiving and christmas off, no benefits, no extra pay, nothing; and now they lose that. The companies know that people need money to pay their bills and they dangle it in front of their face, they are taking advantage of the workers misfortunes and that is not right. So I decided to stop servicing those businesses, but when money became tight I went right back to them.

Fast forward to January of this year, as I mentioned in the past I did this but when money was tight I went right back to those businesses that I swore off. This year I made a commitment to not service those businesses at all, regardless of what my wallet says. It was hard at first because I live in a metropolitan area and the mom and pop stores are all gone; the new ones that are coming in are foreign owned and no one there speaks english (go figure). Now that it’s the end of July, it’s a little easier but my list is getting longer and longer as I discover more businesses that are nickel and diming customers and mistreating employees, it is a tragedy and it must be stopped. 

I never been a supporter of wells fargo, bank of america, chase bank or any big banks, because I knew they nickel and dimed customers. Fast forward to 2007-2008 the mortgage crisis came about because of their greed and they nickel and dimed customers. What they did was criminal, people lost their jobs, their homes, their livelihoods because of them; but they never paid the price for their actions. What is worst they are still in business, WHY??? It breaks my heart when I see people still doing business with these banks, the people that were hurt the most by these banks are still partners with these banks, why?? Yes, if you do business with someone or service them, you are their partner. Then these same people have the nerve to cry and complain when bank fees go up and their loans are sold off to third party financial firms.

In 2012 when I was laid off, I applied to hundreds of jobs; Some of the jobs I canceled the application because their was something, I did not agree with and I became angry. The thing I did not agree with and angered me was the, arbitration agreement. Not only did I cancel the application process, I stop supporting those companies. Many companies are starting to require new hires, to fill out this form along with the application; some companies are making long time employees sign these new documents and the employees do it because they need a paycheck. Many people do not understand what this document is or does, they just know if they don’t sign it they may not get the job or they may lose their job. It is not right, its criminal.

For those who don’t know or understand the “arbitration agreement”; it is a document stating that you will not press charges, file suit or participate in a class action case against your employer, under any circumstance, whatsoever. So if you are injured or become ill, due to your employer’s negligence; you cannot sue them for damages; that is what you are agreeing to if you sign that document. If you sign that document and the CEO or anyone on the board of director’s decide to fire everyone who is not Asian or of Asian descent, you can cannot file a class action suit because you signed that document. Yes, discrimination is against the law and you can try your case based on that, but you signed that document meaning that you agreed to the practices in that document, it is a legal binding contract, at that point. At that point cross your fingers and pray and I hope you have deep pockets, because that is what it’s going to come down to if you go that route and you signed that document.

That document states any problems you have with the company, will be settled in a meeting between you, your manager, a representative of the company and a legal representative. The legal representative is being paid by your employer, not you; whose side do you think they will be on, the side that is paying them. At the end of the day it’s the employee’s word against the employer’s word and it all comes back to how deep are your pockets. What a tragedy, It is not right, We need to stop it.

What these companies are doing to customers and employees, is not right. It is not right, to take advantage of people’s misfortunes and dire circumstances. We need to stop, we need to stop putting money ahead of our livelihoods and the livelihoods of others. We need to stop putting money ahead of our health and well-being and the health  and well-being of others. If you know a company mistreats employees or nickel and dime customers, stop supporting them. When we stop supporting these businesses, they will stop being jerks, they will stop taking advantage of others and they will do the right thing.

Imagine if we all held off our holiday shopping until black friday at 8 am, rather than midnight or thanksgiving. The companies will open at 8 am on black friday because we told them to open at that time and they want our money.  Imagine if we stop supporting businesses that don’t pay employees a living wages; we all know cost of living and inflation occur every 3-5 years, all of our paychecks should be increasing as well but it doesn’t because we tell them it’s okay to keep our pay the same, we tell them it’s okay to raise the cost the cost of living 3x more than people can pay. We tell them this when we support them, we support them by buying their products and services.

I apologize if I offended anyone, it was not my purpose. I am just upset,  hurt and angry about how these companies treat us and they get away with it because we let them. The problems are only getting worst and not better (sears and macy’s just closed in my area, more people are out of work). Many of you have teenagers that are looking for work, make sure they are not signing something they do not understand; make sure they know their rights as a person and as an employee; employees are not robots nor are they slaves for employers to take advantage of.

We the people, need to stop letting them get away with it; We the people, need to stop doing business with crooks (yes, they are crooks); We the people, need to take control of our money. We the people, need to work together.

I apologize for this long post, I want to let people know what’s going on, because I can’t stop them by myself. I am just one person, they are not going to miss the money of one person, but they will miss the money of the masses. We need to work together, to get them to do the right thing.

If you want a list of businesses that I stopped supporting email me at: dee0902@juno.com.


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