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Grocery List

We often hear that we should make a grocery list before we go grocery shopping, especially if you are on a budget or pinching pennies. The list is supposed to help you buy only the things you put on the list and it’s suppose to keep you focused.

Writing the list is daunting in itself because you have to look in the refrigerator, freezers and cabinets to see what you need, unless you are super-duper organized and put the item on the list as you run out or when you notice there’s only one extra in the cabinet.

Many times we go through all of the trouble writing the list and we forget the list or the list is jotted down on a post-it and we jot tons of stuff down on random post-it notes and they all end up looking like the same message and we throw it out or don’t even look for the grocery list in the midst of post-it note land.

In the link below is a printable PDF grocery list, I got it from home storage solutions 101. It is a great list, it is separated into categories such as: produce, dairy, meat, it even has a separate category for laundry and household cleaners. The list is a life saver, I laminated the list, punched a hole and put it on a book ring.

Here is the link to the list: printable-grocery-list 


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