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Cosmetic & Toiletries Expiration List

As we go through life, we accumulate stuff. Sometimes the stuff we accumulate we don’t need, but what about the stuff that we do need and use on a regular basis. The stuff we do need such as toiletries and cosmetics, we tend to overbuy; we don’t do it on purpose sometimes we forget we already purchased the item or we do remember but we forget what closet or what bin it’s stored in. If you are like me you, buy enough to last at least 3 months because you don’t know if you are going to have the money to buy it when you run out.

Items like toiletries and cosmetics we forget have an expiration date/shelf life. It’s not like food were the product becomes totally unusable but you have to be careful because of the chemicals and the way the products are processed will make the item less effective after the expiration date. Hopefully this list will be a good help to you and your wallet, I got it from home storage solutions 101. Click the link below to receive the list (it is a pdf, so you can print it out).



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