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Online Safety for children and teens

As we become more technologically advanced; the more society forces us to interact online. Most employers put job applications online, most colleges put applications online, banks are trying to get all their customers to do online banking, schools putting homework assignments online, etc..

New technology and being forced to go online has brought forth a new crime industry (and it was said that computers and technology will make our lives easier and better); this new crime is called cyber crime. Cyber crime consist of virus attacks,hacking, cyber bullying, revenge porn, being filmed without your consent, people stealing your pictures editing them and putting them online without your consent, people opening up social media accounts under your name and identity theft.

If you are going to allow your children to interact on cyberspace, make sure they are being safe by following these rules:

  • keep your passwords strong and secret
  • ask permission before buying anything online
  • share photos that you are okay having everyone see, with permission from parents
  • never post things you wouldn’t want family, friends or employers to see
  • only visit websites you and your parents know are safe
  • keep personal information private, do not share details about yourself, family, or friends with strangers online
  • avoid using inappropriate websites
  • always check with an adult before downloading
  • never send a picture of yourself to a stranger
  • never open emails, files or webpages from people you do not know
  • never meet with anyone in person you met online
  • keep records of sites that you had to put your personal information in (job applications, school, applications, internships, camps, study abroad opportunities, etc)
  • tell an adult if you are being cyber bullied

Children and teenagers really do not need to be online if they are not doing homework or research assignments. If you are going to allow them to be online make sure they are utilizing these safety tips. I understand we cannot watch everything our children are doing online but at least we can tell them about the dangers and how to be safe; hopefully they will think twice about what they are doing online.





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