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What’s Really Upsetting

What is really upsetting and has been for a while is: The lack of affordable housing. Whether you are renting or purchasing, the cost of housing is skyrocketing to the point where the working class cannot afford it.

Last time I checked, housing is a basic need therefore it is a right. We have a right to clean, decent, affordable housing; I guess the government forgot about that. Everyday more and more people lose their homes because of greed; greed from the landlord, property management companies, investors and greed from the bankers.It is truly an outrage, some of the properties aren’t even worth the asking price; not only in regards to the property,  but the city/town that these properties are located in don’t even add any value to the property.

My city is mostly lower middle class and lower class people, many of them were laid off and are struggling. Many homes were broken into, cars are being stolen, people are being shot and stabbed while getting robbed and gangs are coming into the area recruiting teenagers big time. Most of the family restaurants are gone, there are mainly fast food restaurants left in the area. The mom and pop shops are gone, being replaced with cellphone shops or remaining vacant.The new housing that is being built starts at $1500 for 1 bedroom; I sent a letter to the local housing authority asking them, why is the price so high? What is the resident paying for? I thought you were building affordable housing units? Where are they? I sent that letter at the end of October when the new housing complexes were finished, of course I didn’t get a response and I may never get a response.

The landlords are no better with the pricing either. Many of the landlords don’t even live in the same building or the same town, but they want the money of the people in that building or town, shameful.We need to start putting pressure on the housing authorities and politicians about the housing issue. Yes, the people with the money pay off the leaders but there are more working class people than there are wealthy elite. If we put our foot down and stop buying what they are selling, they have no choice but to bend to our will, because they need our money to sustain their outlandish lifestyle.

Until everyone gets upset and angry about this issue, it will not get resolved.



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