Great Gifts for Christmas

It seems as if it’s getting harder and harder to choose gifts for people, especially if the person is someone who has practically everything. Here is a list of great gift ideas:

Food Baskets/Fruit Baskets: Wolfermans, Figis, Harry and David, Edible Arrangements

Gifts Baskets: Gift baskets come in a variety of options from: food, fruit, desserts, wine, tea, coffee, etc.You can even make it yourself, which will make the gift extra special.

Gift Cards: Who wouldn’t love a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. There are general gift cards such as: MC, Visa, Amex which are nice to give; but you have to pay an activation fee + tax, you are better off giving money at that point (see below).

Money: Everyone loves money. Some people think giving money is very impersonal, it is not. It’s better to give someone money to purchase what they want; rather than finding out that they took the gift you purchased back to the store in exchange for something else. There are a lot of creative ways to give money ( origami shapes, money tree, money puzzle, etc)

Jewelry: Jewelry is always appreciated by women, but jewelry exist for men too. I’m sure the man in your life would like to receive a nice piece of jewelry. (I sell floating lockets for women and girls,sorry men)

Blankets and Throws: Everyone can use an extra blanket or throw especially if it has the person’s favorite team or character on it.

Bedding Ensembles: Everyone needs a good bed set. This is a great gift to give to married couples, some people don’t know what to give to a married couple and they don’t want to do separate gifts. Just make sure you find out what size bed they have but don’t be so obvious about it.

Bathroom Towel Sets: Great for the entire family, especially for families with several children.

Kitchen tools/gadgets: Every cook, baker and chef always appreciates a new kitchen item.

Books and DVDs: are always appreciated. Most people prefer digital but some people still prefer a hard copy.

Hobbies: People with hobbies will appreciate a restock of supplies or a new item to add to their collection. model car/plane builder, Model train collector, art supplies Origami, knitting supplies, scrapbooking supplies, etc.

Pet Accessories: people love to receive items for their furry children.

Tech gadgets: Most people prefer this type of gift.

Experiences: Buying tickets to a sports event, amusement/wildlife park, theatrical show, museum, etc. is always appreciated and is great for the entire family.

Caring: letting people know that you care about them and support them is the best gift of all. It is the true spirit and meaning of the Christmas season.



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