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It’s that time of year, again

Well, Well, the holidays are back again. Where does the time go? Every year it seems as if time flies by more quickly than the last year; if you don’t keep up you will run into a dilemma, which is last minute preparing and last minute shopping.

Thanksgiving is in a week and a half, so you still have time to prepare your Thanksgiving menu. The economy isn’t the greatest but you can still enjoy Thanksgiving without a large all you can eat spread. Simple appetizers and simple foods that everyone love still shows the spirit of the day. Thanksgiving is really about spending time with family, friends and being thankful.

The day is also about sharing with others whether you volunteer at the soup kitchen, open your home to others who have no family, or if you and your co-workers or neighbors decide to do a potluck dinner because money is tight.

After dinner or the next day you can start preparing for Christmas by doing your Christmas cards, so they can be ready to send out on December 1st. Many of you will probably do shopping on black Friday to buy Christmas gifts; if you can’t stand the crowds and mayhem like me, do your shopping online the sales are still the same or better.





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